Zenith grants a slightly less brief look at its upcoming Cyber Ninja class in new video


If an earlier 18 second-long preview of Zenith’s upcoming new Cyber Ninja class wasn’t enough for you, how about 28 seconds worth of video? That’s a whole ten seconds more! Hot damn, our eyeballs are eatin’ good today!

Facetiousness aside, the new video grants a pretty focused look at this new class’ gameplay, with previews of its movement, melee, stealth killing, and bow firing, effectively bundling together previous Twitter footage into one larger (and higher definition) video package.

All told, this new class will come with all of the toys when it arrives in the 1.3 update. Those who want to get all ninja on fools can either wait for said patch to go live, join the game’s official Discord for a chance to test it out, or just watch the video below.

source: YouTube
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