Zenith drops a teaser trailer for update 1.3’s neon-archer Cyber Ninja class


Beginning tomorrow, VR MMORPG Zenith will open up a limited pre-alpha for what it’s calling Major Update 1.3, which features multiple new systems including player housing and and the new playable Cyber Ninja. Indeed, it’s the Cyber Ninja being teased now, as last night Ramen VR dropped an admittedly brief preview of the new class.

If you’re thinking of a cat burglar stealthing around, think again because this ninja is an archer with a glowing neon bow that appears to shift in hue with different elemental arrows; the Ramen says the video is “”showcasing the CN’s bow and a couple of its arrow ability types.”

The short Cyber Ninja video – and the longer 1.3 teaser – are both tucked down below for your eyeballs.

Source: Twitter, Discord
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