World of Warcraft Classic gets Hardcore realms on August 24

Everything's on fire.

Once again, Blizzard has released its “This Week in World of Warcraft” announcement where its biggest news item does not actually release this week. Or next week. In fact there will be several more weeks before August 24th, when WoW Classic gets its hardcore realms going live. We’re guessing “Several Weeks After This Week in WoW” just isn’t as catchy.

But hey, we have a date for when the hardcore realms arrive, so that’s new! If you’ve somehow missed the buzz around this new ruleset, the short version is that it’s a version of the game wherein death means that your character is done for good, along with a number of additional rules ensuring that you cannot buy your way out of challenge or level exclusively via “safe” methods. If you want a new way to approach the same set of content from the vanilla game, this is certainly a different way to play. And it’ll be officially supported very soon!

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Kevin!
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