Fiesta Online’s August 1 anniversary update tasks players with defending cake and holding cupcake wars


We get the distinct impression that Fiesta Online is hungry for cake, though to be fair, that urge would make sense since the game’s August 1st update is celebrating the MMO’s anniversary. So obviously cake is foremost on the mind.

How much cake, you may ask? For starters, the villainous Killer Hide is trying to crash a party held by the Queen Slime and steal a cake for himself, which means it’s up to players to join in on a tower defense mission where they must protect the cake from waves of minions. The update has also introduced a new quest line all about making the perfect birthday cake, and the event will see the 8v8 Cupcake War kingdom quest make its return, where teams have to either fire soda cannons or fling cupcakes at one another.

In addition to all of this cakey goodness, the anniversary is bringing back sliding puzzle minigames, granting a 20% boost to XP earnings and drop rates, and handing out new game rewards. The patch will also apply a number of bug fixes and roll back the stats for the Realm of the Gods wand and staff weapons. The patch notes are available to read now, while the cake-filled celebrations will run between August 1st and September 5th.

sources: press release, official site
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