The Daily Grind: What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2023?


At the end of the year, I always start rounding up things like patches and dramas, and that always means sunsets too. Last year, we carved out TERA’s sunset as a particularly nasty bit of work, since the game was apparently doing well enough but the Korean studio didn’t want to keep supporting it on PC. This year, I think the nod for me goes to Gloria Victis.

Now, Gloria Victis was not a massive or major MMO, and it wasn’t even much to my taste, but its sunset after a decade of play is painful and frustrating to me as someone who cares about the genre, since the developers obviously cared about it and did their utmost to keep it online (and push it into launch) probably past sense and certainly past financial feasibility. I wish it had done better, and I’m sorry the devs had to make that call.

What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2023 for you?

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