ArcheAge Unchained’s trial program stops circling the rug and finally lies down to stay

Good MMO! Good!


Don’t worry, you’re not experiencing deja vu at seeing us talk about ArcheAge Unchained’s trial program. It’s been rolled out several times in the past, only on a time-limited basis. Well, we guess that Gamigo is finally done being skittish about a trial for the buy-to-play version of the MMO and has made the promotion permanent.

Through this program, anyone who enters the code “AAU3DAYS” in the Glyph launcher will get a 72-hour period to try out the game before having to decide whether or not to buy it. The code can be used only once per account, and once its time is up, players will have to purchase the title to keep on going.

“Until the game is purchased, labor regeneration on accounts that are participating in the free trial will be disabled,” Gamigo noted. “This action is taken to ensure there are no shenanigans.” Shenanigans are restricted to the company itself.

Source: ArcheAge

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Asnow TV

they can’t deal with ppl getting 18K Gs in 1 month on FS, but are worried if there are shenanigans with 15K labor…. Gamingo logic

Bruno Brito

Shenanigans are restricted to the company itself.