BlizzCon 2023: WoW Classic is getting Cataclysm in 2024 and Season of Discovery in Vanilla


Yes, World of Warcraft fans, WoW Classic is indeed going ahead to the next expansion in the game’s history. WoW Classic: Cataclysm has been announced for release in 2024, with executive producer Holly Longdale promising that it will include “hashtag changes.” While the new trailer does not specify what those changes will involve at this point, it will doubtlessly be included in upcoming panels.

Players can also look forward to a new Season of Discovery in the game, with the game starting at a level cap of 25 with new class-changing abilities such as Warlock tanking and Mage healing. This includes a new level cap raid with a 10-player raid, and it will launch on November 30th with no public testing. More information is coming this afternoon.

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