BlizzCon 2023: Diablo is getting a tabletop RPG and a ‘co-op adventure’ board game


BlizzCon hasn’t even begun and we’ve already got our first announcement of the day: Diablo is getting a tabletop game and a board game.

“Glass Cannon Unplugged, Blizzard Entertainment, and Genuine Entertainment have come together to create a long-term tabletop gaming program for one of the most iconic gaming franchises of all time: Diablo,” the companies say. “This groundbreaking collaboration will make Glass Cannon Unplugged the exclusive home for your demon-slaying goodness on the tabletop, starting with next year’s Diablo: The Roleplaying Game.”

The press release calls this partnership a “multi-year agreement” that will see a “growing range” of tabletop titles, starting with this one, which is – wait for it – funding pre-orders through Kickstarter after BlizzCon next year. (We note here that Blizzard is owned by Microsoft, one of the wealthiest corporations and one of the top few richest tech and gaming companies in the world.) The tabletop game will apparently be followed by a board game in 2025.

“Diablo®: The Roleplaying Game features an original core engine inspired by Diablo IV, the recent blockbuster that pioneers new ground for open-world, non-linear exploration. The Diablo RPG will further explore the overworld and underworld of Sanctuary, embarking on adventures above and below with fan-favorite mechanics torn straight from the screen. The Core Rulebook is thematically set alongside Diablo IV, with future tabletop supplements planned throughout Diablo’s timeline. Moreover, the TTRPG is a direct companion to the upcoming Diablo: The Board Game, a co-op adventure board game slated for fall 2025. The TTRPG and board game will fuel one another with interchangeable game components, shared accessories, and complementary expansions with overarching events in a fully integrated product line.”

Source: Official site, press release
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