BlizzCon’s schedule highlights World of Warcraft but ditches Q&As


With a week to go before this year’s BlizzCon, the curiosity, hope, and cynicism are running strong toward the house that Warcraft built. While the specifics of what Blizzard is going to announce are still under wraps (rumors and leaks aside), the studio did post the broadcast schedule for the two-day event that shows some interesting trends.

After the opening ceremony on November 3rd, Blizzard will be hosting “what’s next” panels for World of Warcraft, Overwatch 2, WoW Classic, and Hearthstone, a “campfire chat” for Diablo IV, and follow-up deep dives into Overwatch 2 and World of Warcraft. A “Warcraft Rumblings” panel most likely is covering the launch of Warcraft Rumble, the studio’s new mobile title. It’s also largely expected that Blizzard will be revealing the next WoW expansion at the show.

What’s notable about this schedule is what isn’t present. Blizzard isn’t doing developer or art panels as it has in the past, nor is it hosting any live Q&A sessions. Rather, the studio said that it’ll field questions from the community in a follow-up Q&A video after the event. Also not listed in the lineup was Starcraft, Diablo Immortal, Heroes of the Storm, or any of its in-development games.

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