BlizzCon 2023: Diablo IV compares its Vessel of Hatred expansion to a bacon BBQ burger


What’s Next for Diablo IV? More than just the game’s first expansion, as the OARPG’s panel took a look at its next couple of months. But it obviously talked about the expansion, too.

Naturally the panel began with the Vessel of Hatred, which is promised to bring “a cohesive step forward” in terms of the narrative, a return to the jungles of Nahantu with several pieces of concept art sprinkled throughout, and the promise of an all-new class (not the Witch Doctor), all of which was compared to being like a bacon BBQ burger in what can only be described as an awkward attempt at sounding laid back and conversational. The panel also stated the expansion is slated to arrive in “late 2024.”

As for the content between now and the immediate future, the panel talked up more things coming to Season of Blood including the Abattoir of Zir dungeon that opens between December 5th and January 23rd and the return of malignant powers in the form of five unique rings – one for each class – on November 7th.

The panel also provided early looks at the next season arriving in January, which brings leaderboards displayed in the Hall of the Ancients and the weekly Gauntlet dungeon, preceded by the Midwinter Blight event, which is either starting on December 5th or December 12th, depending on if you follow the summary blog’s text or the roadmap picture below

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