Overwatch 2’s new hero Mauga is ready to wreck faces starting tomorrow


As promised, Blizzard is raising horn to lips to herald Overwatch 2’s Call of the Hunt, which is officially on as of tomorrow, December 5th. The most interesting thing about Season 8 is by far the addition of Mauga, and we’re certainly not saying that because otherwise he would wink and murder us. Certainly not.

“Players got to see and play Mauga in action during BlizzCon 2023, but now he’s here for good as the newest Tank hero you can unlock in Overwatch 2. Armed with dual chainguns that will burn and burst down your enemies, Mauga is a fierce tactician that you will want to watch out for. He can charge through enemies and come crashing down on them with Overrun, reinforce his team with his Cardiac Overdrive, and even brawl in close-quarter combat with his powerful Cage Fight ultimate. We’ve watched how he performed, listened to your feedback, and made some adjustments to make him stand out even more. We’re giving some extra power to his chainguns, along with adding Armor HP to enable him to last longer in the fight. Be sure to read the patch notes for more details.”

The update further includes the 4v4 Battle of the Beasts “PvPvE” mode, the skin-laden LTE and battle pass, weapon skin customization, and of course, the holiday event-slash-sale, Winter Wonderland, though you’ll be waiting until the 19th for that part to kick off.

Overwatch 2 is still sitting in an all-time overwhelmingly negative bin over on Steam.

Source: Press release, official site
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