Ultima Online preps Christmas and nerfs your old too-long character names

Sorry, Captain Drizzt von Mithrandir


How angry would you be if you logged into your favorite old MMORPG account and found that your name, which you’d used for over two decades, had been changed to something like Cornelia? Well, maybe not that mad because the name Cornelia is pretty. But still kinda mad because how dare you change my name, good sirs!

That’s the situation that will soon be facing Ultima Online players, if the game’s next patch, which is currently on the test server, has anything to say about it.

“All characters with names longer than 16 characters will be assigned a random name that fits with current character name length restrictions,” Broadsword says. Sixteen characters isn’t really very long and will likely hit people with two or three RP names, not just people who named themselves Sir Legolas Skywalker 26 years ago. It’s not currently clear whether players will be granted a free name change of their own choosing after this patch or, you know, they’ll be stuck with Cornelia.

The patch further puts an end to F2P abuses with IP restrictions and sets the stage for the game’s winter holiday events – including holiday presents and Krampus himself. The team says it’s aiming to move the patch to the live servers at some point this week.

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