Monster Hunter Now brings more monsters, more weapons, and more events this December


Niantic’s latest mobile AR title Monster Hunter Now is bringing more reasons for players to walk their real-life streets and chase down giant beasties as Thursday, December 7th, brings the Fulminations in the Frost update, with more monsters to hunt and two more weapons to slap monsters with.

Players can look forward to fights against Radobaan, Banbaro, Barioth, and Zinogre, which are first encountered in urgent quests that will be available in new special chapters. Once those quests are cleared, players can expect to find these first three monsters out in the world, while Zinogre will be part of a special Zinogre Onslaught event running from December 15th through the 17th.

Another big piece of the update is the addition of the dual blades and lance weapons, which bring their respective quick-hitting attacks and stoic defensive gameplay that series fans are likely familiar with.

Finally, December has more events on top of the Zinogre Onslaught, starting with new limited-time event quests that award upgrade materials from now until December 6th, then followed by the return of Pink Rathian and Black Diablos between December 23rd and January 8th.

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