Grand Theft Auto Online brings vehicle robberies, drift races, and a new subscriber benefit this month


What does the month of December hold for Grand Theft Auto Online? Quite a lot according to Rockstar Games, which has pulled together a list of several features for those in the multiplayer criminal sandbox to look forward to.

Topping the list is the introduction of a new salvage yard business and related vehicle robbery missions, which will task players with stealing some of the most in-demand vehicles in the game, then either stripping them for parts or selling the vehicles themselves. Either way, players can expect to get plenty of in-game cash for the activity.

Another activity arriving this month is drift racing, which introduces several new drift-specific circuits as well as drift modifications for certain vehicles at the LS Car Meet. A host of other features like increased reputation for drag and street races, interaction menu improvements, and the addition of roaming animals for console players in Freemode are planned. Finally, those who are subscribed to GTA+ will gain access to an all-new Vinewood Club Garage that lets them store up to 100 vehicles.

In other GTA news, Rockstar has begun to fire up its hype engine for Grand Theft Auto 6 with the confirmation that the game’s first trailer will debut tomorrow, December 5th, at 9:00 a.m. EST. This is likely going to be focused on the single-player aspects of the game, but it’s a big enough announcement that it can’t be ignored even here in MMOsville.

sources: press release, Twitter
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