BlizzCon 2023 tickets are on sale starting at $299

This is what I always wanted.

So are you eager to stand in a convention hall in Anaheim pressed shoulder-to-shoulder with a whole lot of Blizzard fans in November? You’ll get your chance on November 3rd and 4th as BlizzCon returns for 2023, with tickets to the show on sale now. And live attendance will set you back $299, which gives you a pack of in-game items, a BlizzCon Backpack, early access to the BlizzCon store, and of course access to the event itself.

Of course, if you are a person of means and culture who still wants to go to BlizzCon 2023 (we’re not your parents), you can spring for the $799 Portal Pass, which gives you priority access to lines and the convention area, as well as various other rights such as being able to challenge lesser attendees for the rights to their clothes and a special lounge with concessions and VIP access. (All right, we made up the clothing bit. The rest is real.) Or you could opt for the “stay at home and watch things on video” package, but that’s not going to get you special line access or any line access. Choose wisely.

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