PlanetSide 2 PC tests some new implants, patches in UI updates and bug fixes


Last week saw PlanetSide 2 open up its PTS so players could kick the tires of seven new implants, all of which are being designed to give players some more options for their chosen class when hitting the battlefield.

Several of these implants sound pretty useful, such as the Take a Walk implant that doesn’t reduce walk speed while underwater, the Living on the Edge implant that improves accuracy when health dips to a certain threshold, and the Karma implant that lets Combat Medics self-revive one time, with more health granted upon doing so the more teammates they revive. A launch window for these implants is still being worked out as of this writing.

This PTS build also applied a few UI options and fixed several bugs. That portion of the patch went live to PC yesterday, bringing toggleable HUD nameplates and indicators and applying fixes related to XP earnings for certain resources, a weapon reload animation, and broken loyalty gain notifications, among several others.

sources: official site (1, 2), official forums
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