Global Chat: Reactions to BlizzCon’s World of Warcraft announcements


Even as BlizzCon 2023 recedes into the distance, the reverberations of its announcements for World of Warcraft and WoW Classic continue to be felt. We took a pulse of the MMO blogging community to see how these expert gamers reacted to the news of new expansions and servers.

Tales of the Aggronaut was won over, to an extent, by Blizzard’s showmanship and future plans, saying, “I think this is going to be the World of Warcraft expansion that wins me back. Almost everything about it seems to specifically cater to my interests.”

Rokk Tokk sees this convention as a herald of a better future for the MMO: “All in all, this year’s BlizzCon reignited the passion in the Blizzard community. With these thrilling announcements and updates, it catered to both the die-hard fans and those just getting started in the Blizzard universe.”

Kaylriene wonders if WoW really will increase its expansion cadence: “In announcing three consecutive expansions all in simultaneous development, however, Blizzard has opened the box of curiousity once more, because with this much content in the works, theoretically they could just release annually, right?”

Superior Realities thinks the Worldsoul Saga looks pretty dang cool: “Game development is a collaborative process, and it’s rarely down to one individual to make or break anything. But the difference between Warcraft with and without Metzen really does feel like night and day. There’s vision again. The passion is back.”

Inventory Full saw Blizzard projecting stability in its flagship product: “It says we’re going to be here for the foreseeable future so you can feel safe to start making your plans with WoW again. We’ve got you covered for MMORPG entertainment for the next five years, minimum. No need to start looking around.”

Priest with a Cause feels charitable toward Cataclysm Classic: “I guess the main draw of Cata Classic is going to be for people who’ve been having a good time in Wrath with guildies and friends, because Cata will bring more things to do in a similar vein and there’s no reason not to continue.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob is all for the ‘inertia of fun’ that Cataclysm provides: “Even though Blizz has run out of expansions that one might legitimately call ‘classic,’ there are still at least another five to go that didn’t completely tank the franchise so they might as well just keep running them out.”

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