Guild Wars 2 unveils the Guardian’s ‘bullets of justice’ and delays some WvW restructuring plans


It’s not every day that you see a tanky MMO class run around with pistols, but that’s the sort of fun lunacy that’s coming to Guild Wars 2 with its upcoming class weapons update. The latest combination to get the spotlight treatment is the armor-clad Guardian with its dual pistols.

Players will get a chance to preview this weapon set with a beta test on the 28th: “The pistols are a pair of ranged weapons that specialize in dealing condition damage, allowing the guardian to inflict bleeding and burning on their enemies from a distance with ease.”

But the expanded weapon proficiencies is not the only big project on ArenaNet’s desk these days. The studio is planning a guild hall update for January in order to allow these spaces the option to toggle PvP or WvW rules if so desired. And speaking of WvW, a major restructuring effort continues, but the studio said that it’s delaying alliances and team transfers in order to get this build into beta testing in Q1 2024.

The Guardian makes eight total weapons previewed so far; we’re down to just the Necromancer on deck.

Source: Guild Wars 2, 2
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