gw2 weapon proliferation 2024

Guild Wars 2’s weapon proliferation beta has begun as ArenaNet ungates SOTO for alts

It's weapon proliferation day in Guild Wars 2! OK, OK, it's the "Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta," otherwise known as your first chance to try...

Guild Wars 2 Necromancers are finally getting swords, Anet kicks off experience boost event

Guild Wars 2's ninth and final weapon reveal - the sword for the Necromancer - rolled out amidst a bunch of other announcements last...

Guild Wars 2 unveils the Guardian’s ‘bullets of justice’ and delays some WvW restructuring plans

It's not every day that you see a tanky MMO class run around with pistols, but that's the sort of fun lunacy that's coming...

Guild Wars 2 teases shortbow Engineers and their ‘essence-infused arrows’

I have to say, as someone who counts a Holosmith in her top handful of Guild Wars 2 toons, that I couldn't initially see...

Guild Wars 2 introduces the pistol-totin’ Elementalist for testing November 28

Elementalists, your time to pew pew in Guild Wars 2 is finally here, or will be when the weapon proliferation beta goes live on...

Guild Wars 2 shows off the support options of Mesmers with rifles

You probably do not think of rifles as a supportive option most of the time, and if someone claims that she will heal you...
Running in the shadows.

Guild Wars 2 previews the Revenant’s upcoming tether-focused Scepter weaponry

If you don't love Revenants in Guild Wars 2 now, you will never love them again; you can hear the Scepter saying you should...

Guild Wars 2’s staff Warrior opens a new avenue for frontline support

In case it isn't obvious by now, ArenaNet is clearly planning to drop a new video and dev blog for every single new weapon/class...
I'm killing you with a weapon!

Guild Wars 2 previews the Thief’s upcoming axe proficiency gameplay

The upcoming weapon proliferation of Guild Wars 2 is giving Thieves an all-axes pass, if you know what we mean. You can axe any...

Guild Wars 2 previews mace Rangers ahead of November 28 weapon proliferation beta

We're just one day in to Guild Wars 2's Through the Veil, and ArenaNet is already charging forward along its planned roadmap, specifically with...