Guild Wars 2 shows off the support options of Mesmers with rifles


You probably do not think of rifles as a supportive option most of the time, and if someone claims that she will heal you with a rifle, you will look into getting a different primary care physician. But when Mesmers gain access to rifles in Guild Wars 2 next year, they will indeed be supporting their teams with the use of a rifle, for example by deploying a beacon that bursts after a short time to grant might and fury to all allies. However, the Mesmer can also detonate the beacon early and heal allies instead, depending on the situation.

Mesmers will also deploy a special singularity that buffs allies which can also be detonated, turning into a single-use portal that zaps allies directly to the Mesmer and hopefully bypassing something bad happening through the Mesmer’s position. So the healing and support does not actually come via the application of healing bullets, although we can understand if you’re a little leery when the Mesmer shows up with a gun saying that you’ll be safe now.

Players will be able to test out the new playstyle during Guild Wars 2’s weapon beta coming November 28th.

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