Guild Wars 2 Necromancers are finally getting swords, Anet kicks off experience boost event


Guild Wars 2’s ninth and final weapon reveal – the sword for the Necromancer – rolled out amidst a bunch of other announcements last night, and it really takes me back, as my second Guild Wars 1 character was in fact a sword-toting Necro a million years ago.

“Necromancer sword skills focus on dealing powerful strike damage in an area while consuming enemies’ vital energy to sustain the wielder,” the studio’s Taylor Brooks explains. “The main-hand sword skill 3, Path of Gluttony, will allow the necromancer to leap to their enemy, healing themselves for each enemy struck. Hungering Maelstrom, off-hand sword skill 4, will damage and steal health from enemies in a targeted area.”

“With so much healing, a necromancer might find themselves with a surplus of health! Luckily, their swords always hunger. Each sword skill has a secondary ability that can be activated by sacrificing health to sate your swords. Path of Gluttony can be reactivated to cast Gorge. You leap again, repeating the effects of the first leap while also corrupting boons on enemies struck. Hungering Maelstrom’s reactivation is Gormandize. Gormandize will damage and chill enemies struck by Hungering Maelstrom.”

The sword Necro will be playable during the November 28th beta, ahead of the launch early in 2024.

Guild Wars 2, like many MMOs right now, is currently running approximately five million sales and promos; End of Dragons is deeply discounted right now, and there’s a big experience boost buff running for everyone for the next couple of weeks.

Here are all the new weapons:

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