Guild Wars 2 introduces the pistol-totin’ Elementalist for testing November 28


Elementalists, your time to pew pew in Guild Wars 2 is finally here, or will be when the weapon proliferation beta goes live on November 28th and you can try our your new pistol weaponry.

“The pistol is a condition-focused weapon that brings some mobility, crowd control, and a large amount of damage,” ArenaNet’s Cal Cohen says. “The pistol will also provide some interesting gameplay decisions with its elemental bullet mechanic that grants players a selection of bonus effects.”

“Every time you use a pistol skill (except for autoattacks) one of two things will happen. If no bullet of the same element exists, the skill will perform its base behavior and create a bullet of its element. A bullet will then hover near the player character to signify it has been created. However, if the elemental bullet already exists, the skill will consume that bullet to gain a bonus effect. For example, let’s check out two skills from the earth attunement: Shattering Stone (slot 2) and Boulder Blast (slot 3).”

And to support the Weaver spec, ArenaNet has ensured that dual attacks “can consume bullets of both elements, granting a unique bonus for each bullet.”

The studio notes that the beta at the end of the month will have placeholder art, audio, and UI, but of course we’ll get the real deal with the next big update early next year.

Here are all the new weapons revealed so far:

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