Black Friday sales and Thanksgiving events around the MMO world, 2023 edition


I’m sorry but it’s Black Friday all week. In fact, some brands went ahead and made last week Black Friday too, and next week will also be Black Friday. Really I’m not even complaining; the single-day Black Friday always sucked all the joy out of turkeyday feasting, and I do rather like weeks of big sales. So let’s run down just a few for MMO players!

You’re more than capable of clicking through the multiplayer and MMORPG bins on Steam to see what’s up, but at least let me draw your attention to some particularly sweet and/or timely deals both on and off the platform.

  • Project Gorgon is currently 75% off, meaning you can pick it up (and support the devs) for under 10 bucks. (This is where I’ve been living for two weeks now and I’m hooked.) [Thanks, Mark!]
  • Guild Wars 2 has most of its packages on deep discount – everything but Secrets of the Obscure – both on Steam and on the official site. The Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire bundle is $7.49, while End of Dragons is at its lowest price ever: $14.99.
  • The Guild Wars 1 trilogy (minus Eye of the North) is $7.50. EOTN is 5 bucks. This is an insane amount of content for under $13.
  • Elder Scrolls Online always does big sales, but this one seems faster than usual: Its summer expansion, Necrom, is down to $13 already, with the base game at $6.
  • New World is $16 (no, Rise of the Angry Earth isn’t on sale by itself, though you can save about $5 off the total if you buy the Elysian edition).
  • Blizzard has put a chunk of its catalogue on discount, including Diablo IV (40% off), though you can also play the trial for free. Blizzard really wants you to play this game, fam. WoW is not on sale.
  • Destiny 2 (poor Destiny 2) cut Lightfall – which saw the game’s highest concurrency on Steam ever – down to $20.
  • Black Desert is one freakin’ dolla, with sales on bundles too.
  • Fallout 76 is on sale for $7.99 – make Justin proud!
  • Mortal Online 2 is down to $24 (and on the verge of some big updates).
  • Elite Dangerous is 75% off if you’ve ever wanted to try it.
  • Wurm Online is $12! There’s a throwback for ya.
  • Valheim is also down to $12.
  • Conan Exiles is $10 if you fancy having a go at it with MJ and Larry on-stream.
  • Temtem and Sea of Thieves are both half off.
  • All of Secret World Legends’ DLC is 60% off. Huh
  • Lord of the Rings Online is known for killer sales; this round puts all but the last expansion on sale, plus mithril, and my favorite, 50% off carryalls. DDO’s sales are the mirror image of LOTRO’s!

We’re expecting to be adding to this list over the next few days, and of course bear in mind that plenty of “free-to-play” titles offer good sales in their own shops. Please feel free to drop any other great deals down in the comments; you might save somebody some coin!

For those of you who just want to play and not spend money, we’ve been covering events all along, though there aren’t too many for this exact holiday squished in between Halloween and Christmas/New Year’s; here are some of the bigger ones, along with a stream and article or two:

Happy ThanksgivingBlackFridayWeek!

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