RuneScape kicks off the Christmas season with a new yuletide village


You know those people who are already decorating for Christmas even as there is leftover turkey from Thanksgiving sitting on the counter? That’s totally RuneScape, which may be one of the very first MMOs out of the gate with a holiday event.

But there’s good reason for the MMO’s excitement this year: RuneScape’s added a new seasonal quest hub, the Christmas Village, with lots of events to do and rewards to earn.

“Hop in today to explore the beautiful Christmas Village, help the snow imps festively decorate the cities of Varrock, Lumbridge, and Falador in our new seasonal quest, and collect Christmas Spirit to exchange for old and new items from the seasonal store,” said Jagex.”

Over in Old School RuneScape, a recent voting poll once again shaped the direction of the game’s development. The studio reported that Varlamore is getting “a host of new skilling activities” while Kourend Favour is being taken out of the game altogether.

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