Bossa Games’ post-Worlds Adrift co-op game, Lost Skies, heads into pre-alpha


We’ve had an eye on Bossa Games – again – ever since May of this year, when the company best known to MMORPG players for its sunsetted MMO Worlds Adrift announced a return to the MMO space with Lost Skies, a multiplayer game very obviously inspired by the earlier title – without, you know, all the ganking that brought it down in the first place. The company has been pumping out regular dev blogs all summer and fall, and now it’s turning to more formal press releases. Today’s includes three brand-new in-game screenshots and details on the playtesting, which is apparently full swing in pre-alpha now.

“Alongside our playtest of the game, we have also released a playtest build of our Island Creator tool, which allows players to build their own floating islands and upload them,” says lead designer Luke Williams. “Our current, pre-alpha playtest has added new islands to explore, including islands made by our community which already show off the complexity and beauty of our islands, and the fragments of ruined civilisations from before the mysterious event that shattered the world.”

Apparently, if you’re angling for pre-alpha access, you’ll have to be active in the game’s Discord channel and sign up for the game’s open development system. In the meantime, you can scope out the game’s dev blogs, the most recent of which dropped before Thanksgiving and focused on character art specifically.

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