Mortal Online 2 releases its big Unreal Engine 5 upgrade and gameplay adjusting patch


The time has come for players of Mortal Online 2 to enjoy crispier textures, shinier lights, and nicer-looking skies. The game has fully released its big 2.0 update, aka the one that adds the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade and makes a number of gameplay adjustments across the board.

Obviously the biggest portion of the patch is the engine switch, which is the primary highlight of an associated launch trailer. The patch notes further point out that while Star Vault tried to get performance similar to the UE4 version of the sandbox MMORPG, UE5 does require a bit more GPU grunt, and so the game’s minimum specs have been adjusted accordingly. The studio also thanks players for their testing feedback, as the upgrade ended up breaking many portions of the game world. But hey, better lighting is a thing now.

Of course the upgrade isn’t the only headline, as the massive patch further adds task NPCs that will reward capes, introduces more camps and other POIs, brings a fighting pit to Meduli, splits the world into two halves (guarded areas and wilderness), and applies several combat updates including the ability to gain stamina on a successful parry, increased minimum damage on click attacks, and the removal of equipment hits to all gear except shields. All told it’s a significant update in terms of content and visuals.

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