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Bossa Games’ post-Worlds Adrift co-op game, Lost Skies, heads into pre-alpha

We've had an eye on Bossa Games - again - ever since May of this year, when the company best known to MMORPG players...

Lost Skies shows a snippet of gameplay while it gets ready to send out more beta keys

Grapple with this: The latest development update from Lost Skies is out, with Bossa Studios announcing that it's getting ready to send out another...

Lost Skies blogs about more ship parts, hand tools, and creating a ‘shrimpy monstrosity’

Lost Skies, the developing PvE sandbox of airships and floating islands, continues to kick out the dev blog jams, so naturally we're circling back...

Lost Skies previews a menagerie of critters in various stages of creation and development

The latest Lost Skies dev blog is out, and instead of taking an extremely close look at a singular deer, it's offering a peek...

Lost Skies is bringing back the beloved Worlds Adrift island creator with new features and tools

While Worlds Adrift dropped many balls over the course of its shambolic release, one of its features that was generally beloved by players was...

Bossa shows off Lost Skies’ art and animation development

We're watching Bossa Games' new MMO, Lost Skies, with enthusiasm, owing to the fact that it seems to take all the things we loved...

The Daily Grind: What one thing do you wish new MMO devs knew about the genre before trying to make an MMO?

No, you can't tell them to flee for their lives. That's cheating. I've been thinking about this topic after Bossa Games announced Lost Skies, which...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 423: The Overwatch MMO we’ll never get

Justin and Bree discuss Amazon's LOTR title and shade for LOTRO, Overwatch 2's PvE debacle, Worlds Adrift's return as Lost Skies, and delays for Nightingale, Ashfall, and Wayfinder, with adventures in LOTRO and Torchlight II, plus mailbag topics on character build freedom and the natural and unnatural ends of MMO characters.

Betawatch: Bossa in the Skies with Lost

Yes, we're back! And so is Bossa Games, it turns out, with Lost Skies on the way. It's actually very similar to Worlds Adrift,...

Bossa Games is back in the MMO space with Lost Skies, an obviously Worlds Adrift-inspired co-op title

Stop me if you've heard this one: Bossa Games is working on a new multiplayer game with skyships and islands and gliding and rappelling!...

Bossa Studios CEO discusses company’s shift towards co-op and PvE multiplayer titles

The name Bossa Studios tends to conjure up the story of Worlds Adrift 'round these parts. Readers might remember that the promising sky piracy...

SpatialOS developer Improbable announces a ‘network of interoperable web3 metaverses’ called M²

Remember back in January when SpatialOS developer Improbable released a poll that asserted that a large number of gamers and game devs believed a...

Bossa Studios introduces three new multiplayer titles: Project Meru, Darkseekers, and Room of Doom

It's been a while since we covered what Bossa Studios has been up to, and that's because it sunsetted the closest thing it had...

Massively Overthinking: Should PvP MMOs offer PvE servers?

Last week, we covered the revelation that Corepunk is considering adding PvE servers to roster, and I have to say I didn't see it...

The MOP Up: Shadow Arena pings instead of pongs

Pearl Abyss' Shadow Arena got a lot more friendly this past month thanks to an improved ping system and the addition of login rewards. "The...

Jukebox Heroes: The ultimate guide to MMORPG music

It's been a long, strange, and wonderful journey to explore MMORPG music with you here in Jukebox Heroes. And while I am anticipating many...

The MOP Up: Bossa Studios releases World War AI

Bossa Studios, the team behind the late Worlds Adrift, just rolled out a new prototype game for you to check out for free: World...
Oh boy oh boy.

Chronicles of Elyria just dropped a new mood and gameplay video

Chronicles of Elyria has a new preview up for watchers of the Kickstarted, in-development MMO. Last last night, Soulbound Studios posted up its latest...

SpatialOS developer Improbable reports $81 million in operating losses

Improbable, the London-based startup that's responsible for creating SpatialOS, has released its accounts to Companies House, and the news is not good. The company...

Fight or Kite: Griefing! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Here we are at the very first Fight or Kite of the New Year and of the decade. With it, let’s discuss something that...