Lost Skies shows a snippet of gameplay while it gets ready to send out more beta keys


Grapple with this: The latest development update from Lost Skies is out, with Bossa Studios announcing that it’s getting ready to send out another wave of testing invites to 100 members of its Discord.

The team showed off various small projects that it’s been making for this coop adventure game, including a saw blade thrower, puzzle switches, glowing hip lamps, a giant floating jellyfish, and a brief shot of in-game grappling hook action.

The studio also had a welcome announcement about the return of a legacy feature: “We’ve seen some comments within the Discord community speculating as to whether or not the shipyard bubble from Worlds Adrift would make a return. Well, wonder no more! Below is a look at the early shipyard bubble VFX and particle effects.”

Source: Steam
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