Old School RuneScape previews the dungeon beneath Varlamore in Perilous Moons

It probably doesn't look meaningfully different.

You know, if dwarves would just read one work of fiction they’d know that “dwarves dug too greedily and too deep” was kind of a stereotype. Alas, the dwarves of Old School RuneScape were apparently not possessed of this knowledge, and they’ve dug up something beneath Varlamore that is probably not a great place to hang out. It’s part of the Perilous Moons questline, and you just know it’s going to involve less-than-pleasant places filled with monsters that breathe knives.

The designers have specifically tried to homage the best-loved parts of the Barrow Brothers and the Forthos Dungeon for an experience that is best undertaken with a combat rating above 65. (Also, defense rules there, so make a mental note.) And what can you get from the dungeon? Armor sets that have special effects other than just stats, of course! Check out the full preview to get the detailed rundown. You’ll have to decide if special armor is worth the whole probable knife-breath thing.

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