Multiplayer survival sandbox Aloft opens Steam demo for the Open World Survival Crafting Fest

Promoted by... Funcom?


Among the many multiplayer survival sandbox titles being promoted on Steam this week as part of the Steam Open World Survival Crafting Fest is Aloft, an upcoming titles from Chinese studio Astrolabe Interactive. It’s going to look instantly familiar, coming from a long line of sky-centric, airship-laden titles in development right now, including Echoes of Elysium and the Worlds Adrift-inspired Lost Skies.

Aloft is a feel-good, cozy survival game set in the clouds, where you can transform any island into a flying ship and explore the infinite skies,” the developer says. “Navigate the world, discover new islands, gather resources, build your dream home, and take care of your animals, alone or with up to 8 friends.”

No need to trust in the Steam description, however, as right now the game’s demo is free for the playing on the platform; just click the “Download” button on Steam to give it a try. The studio is promising “big news” next month too.

We note here that we spied the trailer and demo promoted through Funcom’s website and RSS this week, but cursory pokes around the internet don’t show any tangible connection (and also the trailer is from last summer). Maybe Tencent is an investor in Shanghai-based Astrolabe Games?

Anyhow, said trailer.

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