Dungeons and Dragons Online hands out free dragon mounts, grants more time to claim free xpack

Oh, good crop of nightmares this year.

It’s a double dose of good news from Dungeons and Dragons Online this week. Update 67.3 arrives today with a few tweaks, including the ability for VIP players to swap spells in public spaces without a cooldown. On top of that is a new promotion and an extension of an older one.

As part of the “Year of the Dragon” celebration, Standing Stone Games is handing out a free Ground Bound Green Dragon mount to any and all players who claim it from the Hall of Heroes from now through June 25th.

And for players who forgot to claim their free expansion pack from last month’s promotion, SSG is extending the grace period for that: “We have extended the April Year of the Dragon claim window through Tuesday, June 4th! In order to acquire April’s gift, speak to Xatheral’s NPC assistant named Trilliya in the Eberron Hall of Heroes. Trilliya will allow players to claim April’s ‘Curate Your Xpack Cache’ if they have not already received it.”

Source: DDO
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