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For a given definition of drift.

Worlds Adrift is launching one last patch and character wipe before it sunsets in July

Among the sadder bits of news we've covered in the last few weeks - maybe even the whole spring season - was the news...
Well, I feel daunted.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 223: Starbase Adrift

Justin and Bree discuss Worlds Adrift's sunset, ESO Elsweyr's launch, Starbase, FFXIV Shadowbringers, and City of Heroes, with mail on old episodes and WoW Classic blowback.

The Daily Grind: Which sunsetted MMO had the most wasted potential?

Since Bossa's announcement that it's sunsetting Worlds Adrift this summer without even even launching out of early access, there's been an odd reaction across...

Worlds Adrift to close in July with ‘End of the World Party’

Say farewell to grappling hooks, sky piracy, endless exploration, and one promising SpatialOS MMORPG, because Worlds Adrift has announced that it is closing its...

Worlds Adrift’s May update improves the Blight, knowledge, and ship storage

It's been a few months since we checked in on Worlds Adrift, the early access MMO sandbox. MMO players will recall that back in...

Battle Bards Episode 142: Sunrise, sunset

In MMORPGs across the world, days are beginning and days are ending — and with them come the catharsis of the sunrise and sunset....

April Fools’ Day around the MMOverse, 2019 edition

Yes, it's back, the day when you can believe absolutely nothing and MMO studios are cranking out faux patches that you kinda wish were...

Battle Bards Episode 140: Piano piano!

It’s one of the most powerful and versatile of musical instruments, and now the piano is getting its own featured show here on Battle...

Worlds Adrift struggles to grow, changes course to focus on tech

You can hear the frustration bubble out of Worlds Adrift's latest letter to the community, titled "The Path Ahead." In it, the dev team...

Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale is offering a discount on your first $30 in purchases

Sure why not let's do a Lunar New Year sale on Steam. Any excuse for a party! Valve and co. has done more than...

The MOP Up: FFXIV tickles the ivories

One of the best (of many) features in Final Fantasy XIV is its amazing soundtrack. And just when you think you've heard it all,...
Work that soul, yo

The MOP Up: SoulWorker introduces Chii Aruel

There's a new character on the horizon for SoulWorker, and her name is Chii Aruel. The studio hasn't said much about her just yet, but...

With the Improbable/Unity dispute lingering on, MMOs like Worlds Adrift are literally adrift

Last week, Improbable and Unity stunned the gaming industry with their ugly spat over SpatialOS integration and licensing, as both companies issued statements about their...
For a given definition of drift.

Epic and Improbable pledge $25M to rescue MMO studios affected by Unity’s SpatialOS license suspension

We've continued updating this post at the end as more events unfold, including Unity's rebuttal and Unreal's intervention. The original post from 9:55 a.m....

The MOP Up: Hytale takes a deeper approach to the Minecraft genre

Have you heard of Hytale? If you're a fan of the Trove or Minecraft school of sandbox design, then it definitely bears further investigation....

Massively OP’s 2018 MMO Video Game Music Awards

We have been talking a lot about what we've been playing this year and what we're looking forward to in 2019 and beyond, but...

Worlds Adrift toggles on proximity-based voice chat, engine overheating, and ciphers

You couldn't get enough of mouth-breathing and kids yelling at their mothers in some state far away from you in Fallout 76, and now...

The MOP Up: TERA’s Valkyrie goes to console while Vainglory comes to PC

No matter what platform you're on, there's good stuff coming your way! TERA's Valkyrie update is finally making the jump to Xbox One and...
How does this need to be said.

Jukebox Heroes: Worlds Adrift’s soundtrack

While the actual game of Worlds Adrift probably won't be grapple-hooking me any time soon, there is something about its style that I find...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMORPG should have never been made?

This could be a gruesome topic, but it popped into my head after GIbiz published an article with advice for game developers from Melbourne Games....