Worlds Adrift to close in July with ‘End of the World Party’


Say farewell to grappling hooks, sky piracy, endless exploration, and one promising SpatialOS MMORPG, because Worlds Adrift has announced that it is closing its doors in July 2019. This sounds primarily because the team couldn’t get enough players to make a profit.

“Making such an ambitious game was always going to be a challenge and we love the game we’ve built together with our community,” the team posted in its shutdown FAQ. “However, Worlds Adrift has not captured the imagination of as many people as we needed to make it commercially viable.”

If the game has to go out, however, it’s going to go out with a bang. Bossa is making all cosmetic items in the shop free for players from now through July, and there will be an “End of the World Party” for the final hurrah. Some recent purchases can be refunded, and the studio said that it is gifting a couple of games to all founders.

Worlds Adrift has suffered through a bumpy year, starting with PvP servers that quickly turned into a griefer’s paradise. A full server wipe happened last October for an update, followed by the too-little, too-late decision to add PvE servers to the mix. The spat between Improbable and Unity earlier this year helped not at all, and by February, the studio freedly admitted that it was struggling to draw in a significant population.

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