Bossa Studios introduces three new multiplayer titles: Project Meru, Darkseekers, and Room of Doom


It’s been a while since we covered what Bossa Studios has been up to, and that’s because it sunsetted the closest thing it had to an MMO, Worlds Adrift, back in 2019. But this past week, the company announced several new titles that might be of interest to our multiplayer-playing readers.

The first and most standard is Project Meru, a multiplayer survival title with a focus on co-op play, crafting, building, fightin’ robots, and evolving the world.

“Project Meru is a cooperative and action oriented survival-lite experience where you create a customizable machine host to ride on, build bases with, and fight alongside to reclaim a fully systemic ecosystem torn apart by the mysterious Giants, ancient entities with godlike powers. Project Meru is focused on making a shared experience for up to ten people focused on player expression, creativity, and emergent goal setting. It seeks to iterate on the traditional survival-crafting game formula by removing several pain points and outdated conventions of the genre.”

Darkseekers is for you horror/mystery/Lovecraft fans; it’s an eight-person survival game in “a world of hushed theme parks, stilled cities, and barren farms” all stuffed with monsters and spirits out to ruin your fun. The header pic at the top of this article is from this game!

Finally, there’s Room of Doom, which is also an eight-person multiplayer game prototype, though this one’s described as a “neon macabre lab-raiding party game.” That’s… new.

“Among the chaos of portals and otherworldly beings, you are tasked with competing against fellow mercenaries for lucrative ‘recovery’ contracts,” the website says. “Each contract has up to 8 friends or foes battling for the spoils, looting their way through the weird rooms of an extensive science lab at the confluence of time and space. Recover experiments, gather artefacts, and hoard treasures as reward for surviving levels rife with danger and dynamic puzzles.”

All in all, a couple of games worth keeping an eye on, but don’t get too emotionally invested just yet; these are being pitched as concepts and prototypes, and Bossa has a reputation for canning games that don’t grab an audience early on.

Source: Press release, Project Meru, Darkseekers, Room of Doom

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Anyone who bought Worlds Adrift should get their next MMO for free. Not Surgeon Simulator and I Am bread or whatever they did as “compensation”. Why should anyone believe that they’ll keep their next project open?

They didn’t even give Worlds Adrift a chance to succeed. Players quit because they were sick of wipes in early access… And they shut down during early access.


Walking around in a world succumbed to lovercraftian horrors with your friends could be cool but who knows where they may actually go


Bossa Presents is back! It’s been a while but we are finally ready to unveil three new exciting game projects to you. Your opinion is key to us so we have upgraded our website in order to gather your thoughts and feedback. Any contribution matters, no matter how big or small, even hitting the ‘like’ button will give us invaluable information about the games you would like to see made!

I got this email and it’s basically, “pick the one you might buy and we might make it, but there is no guarantee that anything we do is beyond the “concept” stage.”


…but don’t get too emotionally invested just yet …. Bossa has a reputation for canning games that don’t grab an audience early on.

Right in the feels.