Bossa shows off Lost Skies’ art and animation development


We’re watching Bossa Games’ new MMO, Lost Skies, with enthusiasm, owing to the fact that it seems to take all the things we loved about Worlds Adrift and bundles them back together without the parts (ahem, unfettered ganking and griefing) that drove the game offline. And that enthusiasm continues today as Bossa has dropped the first of hopefully many “skywatch” blogs about the game’s development.

Now, this game is in very early development, so the emphasis in this refreshingly old-school blog post is almost entirely on on art, modeling, and animations, but the collection gives a glimpse at the game’s aesthetic design.

“Skywatch is a format we’ve been using internally since early development began,” Bossa says. “The original concept was an internal Google Slides presentation that was presented in real time via a call for our teams to share what they’d been working on over the course of that development sprint, now that Bossa is a fully remote workforce. We liked the idea (and the title) so much, that we’ve decided to adopt Skywatch for our development diaries!”

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