‘Knowledge, runes, tentacles’: Elder Scrolls Online previews Necrom’s Arcanist


This morning, MOP’s Justin penned a Tamriel Infinium column outlining the key moments of hype in Elder Scrolls Online’s Necrom expansion, and the most compelling bullet point is the new class: the Arcanist. ZeniMax conveniently dropped a dev blog for the class this afternoon.

The devs argue that the goal for the Arcanist was to design a class that was “new and unique that doesn’t look or play like any class” already in the game – one that would work for both vets and noobs, and one that offered multiple role types. The overall glowy green magical vibe of the class is also rooted in one of the key destinations of the expansion: Apocrypha. Even the class’ sound is based on Apocrypha’s ambiance.

“The Arcanist, stylistically, is worlds apart from our other classes,” Senior Sound Designer Dylan Hairston says. “Where the Dragonknight might wield fire and poison, the Arcanist wields knowledge, runes, tentacles, etc. This allowed me to develop sounds that don’t have a strong real-world precedent, and I had a blast figuring out how some of the more obscure things would sound.”

The Arcanist launches with Necrom on June 5th for PC and June 20th on console.

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