Diablo Immortal readies the Harvest Bounty event, Hearthstone sets the table for Showdown in the Badlands


Two of Blizzard’s two major mobile games – Diablo Immortal and Hearthstone – are getting themselves a pair of content updates, as the former begins a Thanksgiving-style celebration with a decidedly darker twist and the latter prepares for the arrival of its next expansion.

In DI, players can expect the Harvest Bounty event, which hands out a tile board with various tasks to complete. Every cleared tile grants a little bit of gold, but extra goodies like aspirant’s keys, set items, and dusts are granted when a row or column of items is cleared, while a fully completed card will also award a legendary crest and two telluric pearls. Harvest Bounty will start on November 17th and end on December 2nd.

The patch that has brought this event also introduces features like the ability to inlay an auxiliary gem into an already equipped legendary gem, the ability to transfer gem power of unused five-star gems, an increased field of view, some class balancing, and an assortment of returning events like Hungering Moon, Wild Brawl, and Trial of the Hordes.

As for Hearthstone, the CCG is preparing for the arrival of next week’s Showdown in the Badlands expansion with a rewards track refresh, the addition of catch-up packs that will release on November 14th, and a Wanted: Dead or Alive in-game event with quests to complete starting on November 20th. The game has otherwise made updates to battlegrounds, duels, anomalies, and minions, among other general gameplay tweaks.

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