New World’s Turkulon Thanksgiving event returns next week with improved rewards


New World’s greatest enemy is and has always been the turkey, and with the return of Turkulon next week, players will have a chance to take on the Grand Gobbler himself – this time for better returns. “Thanks to player feedback from last year, loot will now drop more frequently,” Amazon vows. “There are also even more desirable rewards, like a giant turkey leg, waiting to be served.”

“The legend of Turkulon is well-known across Aeternum, but not all of the citizens of the island have the same opinion about it. While many have heard the legends and accounts of the massive bird, others believe it to be nothing more than a story akin to a bedtime tale for children. To them, the idea of a massively oversized turkey is ridiculous, and they laugh off the warnings about its rampages. […] Turkules seeks the help of Aeternum’s best to seek out the mighty creature and work with him to put down Turkulon once and for all.”

Do note that Turkulon is a level 66 open world boss, so you won’t be doing this event as a newbie. Turkulon runs November 15th through 28th.

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