Tower of Fantasy readies its Thanksgiving event and Nan Yin simulacrum


Turkey isn’t the only delicacy being served piping hot next week. On November 21st, scifi online RPG Tower of Fantasy is expanding its simulacrum roster to include a new character, Nan Yin.

“Nan Yin was once the Overseer of Yuheng in Marshville and the previous Lady Baihu,” Hotta Studio explained. “As such, she garnered immense respect from the people of Domain 9. But two years ago, she disappeared after venturing alone into the Black Jade Ruin. Now, she has emerged from the shadows, but as an enemy. Ruthless, cold, and mysterious, Nan Yin controls the dead with her flute and is gifted with uncanny intuition, making her among the most feared in Domain 9.”

This simulacrum isn’t the only feature coming to the game next week. The studio is celebrating the Thanksgiving season with the Season of Golden Gratitude, a series of beneficial minigames that pay out in goodies like the Red Nucleus, vouchers, and other rewards.

Source: Press release
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