Black Desert PC announces Thanksgiving event this week, Ulutika update next week


Black Desert has dropped a tantalizing teaser for after Thanksgiving: Pearl Abyss is launching its Ulutika update for PC players on November 29th, preceded by a big holiday push tomorrow. Ulitika is aimed at players with 310 AP/420 DP and includes full voice acting for the main quest and “illustration-style cutscenes like those in Land of the Morning Light.”

“Welcome to Ulukita! Dubbed ‘Darkseekers Retreat’ and located in the southern region of Ulukita, the new zone builds on the previous zones ‘The City of the Dead’ and the ‘Tungrad Ruins.’ The zone’s central story revolves around the young Prince Bareeds III of Mediah, who Adventurers previously encountered living under unfortunate circumstances back in 2015! Players will be prompted to investigate the feud between the Prince and the Premier and will experience fierce fighting and an end-boss, too. At the ‘Darkseekers Retreat,’ Adventurers can obtain the necessary materials for making ‘Ator’s Shoes’, which is the last of the highest-grade armor in Black Desert, following Fallen God’s Armor, Labreska’s Helmet, and Dahn’s Gloves. Adventurers can choose between two abilities for ‘Ator’s Shoes’: damage reduction or evasion.”

In the meantime, the game will launch the Thanksgiving Hunt event which has you murdering turkeys (arg, the poor turkeys), as well as events to collect rocks and seals for piles of rewards. Expect those to roll out on the 22nd. That’s all in addition to the big 90% sale going on over the weekend.

Source: Press release
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