Trove heralds the return of Friendsgiving while RIFT kicks off a screenshot contest


It’s time to report on Gamigo’s (arguably) final two surviving MMORPGs RIFT and Trove, as both titles are spooling up some autumn season stuff for players to enjoy. Or buy in the case of the former game, anyway.

We’ll start with Trove, which is preparing to kick off November’s slate of events such as the return of the Turkeytopia: Friendsgiving event, the promise of new community challenges, and the hint of “an amazing time ahead” headed to the MMO tomorrow, November 14th. The majority of the post otherwise highlights one of the game’s content creators and talks up October’s Halloween event.

As for RIFT, the month of November is the time for an Autumn Snapshot Showdown contest that tasks players with sharing a seasonal snapshot on social media and clearing a variety of challenges listed through Gleam, all in order to win one of three Wraps the Mummified Squirrel pets. The game is also holding a limited-time Echoes of the Harvest seasonal shop sale that offers Harvest Store discounts for returning event goodies like the Necro Budgie mount and the Xarth Mire dimension. Those who need a skeletal bird mount have until November 15th to take advantage.

sources: Trove site, RIFT site (1, 2)
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