Palia’s latest beta update adds a new character storyline, fresh decor, and a quirky critter


Happy patch day for Palia! It looks as if you’ll be joined by a new character for Thanksgiving: Her name is Subira. “This patch marks the first time in Open Beta that we’ll be introducing a brand-new character — please give a big welcome to Subira, a Watcher from the Order,” Singularity 6 says.

“Something we’ve always envisioned for Palia was a story that developed alongside our players. And truly make it impactful, we knew that it had to be evolving. Subira’s arrival will be a series of quests that will be available for a set period, and then be updated as the next chapter in the main storyline is added. Rest assured — it’ll likely be a long time before the next update happens as we want to give players plenty of time to explore the content. We will announce well ahead of time when the story will be updated, and all rewards obtained with these quests will be available through evergreen methods, so anyone joining afterwards will never have to miss out on items.”

Players will need to have completed a trio of core quests to embark on Subira’s questline; it sounds as if she’s not romanceable yet, however. The patch also adds new housing decor, wallpaper, and recipes as well as a new huntable critter called the Muujin and a mystical phenomenon that S6 is calling Flow Tree Groves.

Source: Patch notes
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