Early access co-op horror title Lethal Company tops Steam’s sales charts and rakes in over 100K players


By now most gamers of all stripes have heard of Lethal Company, a multiplayer co-op title from solo developer Zeekerss that casts players in the role of scavengers arriving on alien worlds to find valuable materials, bring them back to meet company quota, and avoid any number of horrible cryptids and hazards along the way. The game landed on Steam early access last month to a currently “Overwhelmingly Positive” user review score.

The fact that this game seems like it’s everywhere is an underscore to the title’s incredible success: It’s currently the top-selling game on Steam right now, cresting even 100-pound gorillas like Modern Warfare III, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Counter-Strike 2, while its initial launch drew in over 116K players this past Monday in its current 24-hour peak.

This lighting-in-a-bottle moment has caught Zeekerss off guard, but he’s already continuing to work on the game, with a recent update improving the game’s radar, adding new creatures, and placing giant pumpkins outdoors for the autumn season, which should be completely comforting just before your character is eaten. As for the title’s future, Zeekerss plans to add more creatures, items, map variations, and decorations at an unscheduled but “usual pace [players will] come to know.” Early access is projected to last about six months.

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