Diablo Immortal ushers in Season 20 and teases ‘something familiar’ coming to the MMO


How are we already at Season 20 for Diablo Immortal? Maybe we entered a time anomaly and skipped ahead a bit. Look at the wonders of the future! Wonders such as phones that go into your pocket!

Just because that joke is getting old doesn’t make it any less fun to tell.

In any case, Season 20 emerges in Diablo Immortal on Thursday with 40 new ranks of challenges and rewards. Blizzard also scheduled a whole raft of events to bring players through the rest of the month and into December, including Fractured Plane and Alley of Blood.

But what’s perhaps the most interesting is an allusion to “something familiar” approaching the game: “From December 7th 3:00 a.m. to December 18th 3:00 a.m. local server time, players over Level 30 can participate in an event that previews our next major update. During the event, players will receive a 100% bonus to XP earned from Battle Pass levels.”

Source: Diablo
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