EVE Online’s Havoc release sees player numbers swell over its launch weekend


Sure, a new major update bringing in lots of players could be considered “water is wet” news, but the fact remains that last week’s Havoc update launch for EVE Online was a very busy one for the spaceship gankbox, with player numbers cresting into some impressive totals over the past weekend.

One of the busiest days in terms of player headcount was this past Sunday, when just over 40,000 people were in-game, while the days leading up to that point saw concurrency totals moving well north of the 30,000 player mark; even this past Monday saw over 34K in-game.

Fellow blogger The Nosy Gamer further contextualized the weekend player numbers, pointing out how Sunday’s totals were the highest the MMO has seen since October 2020, while also assuming a perfect storm situation of major alliance activity, the newly added pirate insurgencies, and CCP Games handing out seven days of subscription perks for last Sunday’s groundswell.

On the subject of pirate incursions, CCP has reported that both of the newly added factions each won their first insurgencies and that the Varn system is currently the epicenter of piratical activity. It all looks as if this latest update has brought on plenty of players eager to put on their best sci-fi tricorne and yarr harr with abandon.

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