EVE Online’s Havoc expansion is live, making players’ space pirate dreams a reality


As promised, EVE Online players are coasting into the sandbox’s Havoc expansion today, which offers the life of a pirate to fans of the long-running MMO. Here’s the narrative pitch:

“The ruthless Angel Cartel and Guristas pirate factions have settled in the recently discovered Zarzakh system, an area of space controlled by The Deathless, a mysterious harbinger of chaos, who has made his base in a Jovian megastructure called The Fulcrum. Seeking to disrupt the eternal power struggle between New Eden’s empires, both factions are actively recruiting pilots who possess a merciless, unending hunger for riches and glory. Players will need to make a choice: where do their allegiances lie? Will they defend their empire and suppress the pirate rebellion, or wreak havoc and fight for personal gain in the war zone?”

Why not both, we ask you? CCP Games has laid out that selfsame corruption and suppression system, explaining that players will choose between the pirate factions or anti-pirate factions, contend with the new Angel titan ship, navigate new corporation project management tools, and enjoy the new AIR ops portal whose job is “surfacing interesting content for new players” post-tutorial.

Source: Press release, official site
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