Trove’s Punches and Potions patch adds Martial Arts and Mysticism tradeskills


Trove players have something immediate to be thankful for this week: a new patch for the cube-shaped MMO. The Punches and Potions update arrived on Thanksgiving for the PC with a few nice additions to the game.

First up is a new effects window for the user interface that allows players to see which effects are currently active. Then there are a pair of new tradeskills: Mysticism, which lets players craft potions, buffs, and scrolls; and Martial Arts, which spins karma into shouts and mantras.

“Craft powerful buffs with Mysticism, one of two new trade skills that lets you channel Wild Trovian Mana into game-changing effects,” Gamigo said. “Craft auto-consumables like mantras, shouts, and stances. Balance your karma to unlock powerful effects. Positive or negative, it’s all about harmony in the world of martial arts!”

Source: Trove
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