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The Soapbox: Why I’m OK with ‘missing’ attacks in City of Heroes

The other day in the MassivelyOP work chat, we were talking about City of Heroes. Shocking, I know. But I've mentioned before that I...

Vindictus welcomes Master Swordsman Sou hero as it sunsets its PvP modes

Well hello there, Vindictus - I'd say it's been a while, but actually it hasn't, as Nexon popped out several new characters in 2023...

Trove’s Punches and Potions patch adds Martial Arts and Mysticism tradeskills

Trove players have something immediate to be thankful for this week: a new patch for the cube-shaped MMO. The Punches and Potions update arrived...
So many colors in the rainbow.

Perfect Ten: Classic video games that would make terrible MMORPGs

There was a time when MMORPGs were all based on existing storied single-player RPG franchises, and that time was when Ultima Online launched and...
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Battle of the betas: Tarisland enters second closed beta as Pax Dei kicks off Home Valley test

What are the chances that two big MMORPGs start key testing on exactly the same 24-hour period? Well, I don't know, but it's definitely...

Tarisland’s Shadow Swordsman is the flexible poisoner who takes no prisoners

Today is a momentous day for fans of Tarisland, as the upcoming fantasy MMO announced its Earthspirit Saga, a three-expansion storyline that kicks off...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO beast race?

When you venture off of the safe and predictable road of MMO races, where humans and Elves and blue-skinned humans and slightly smaller humans...

Aion Classic’s Korean version teases a new anime-inspired martial arts class

If anime blood -- rich, ruby-red, and prone to geysering -- runs in your veins, then you may perk up to hear that the...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMOs are memorable but not actually fun?

Earlier this week, we ran a Daily Grind on MMOs that are fun but not especially memorable, throwing it back to a quote from...
I hate so much about the ways you choose to be.

Vague Patch Notes: Can the gaming industry move on from high school, please?

So this weekend had at least one incident that was, I'm not remotely sorry to say, exceedingly funny. If you've been paying any attention...

The Swordsmen X Survival quietly lists an April 27 early access release date on Steam and releases new trailers

Last month we took a peek back in the direction of Swordsmen X: Survival, a martial arts survival sandbox that first crossed our desk...

Massively Overthinking: When is localization itself the kiss of death for an imported MMORPG?

Last week, when I was poking around the internet trying to understand why Amazon was still making excuses for de-sexualizing some Lost Ark characters...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Swordsman X Survival, Legend of Lunia, and X8

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's random and recurring roundup of a few MMOs you've never heard of! Maybe you've heard of some of them. You're...

Massively Overthinking: The MMO characters we want to love but don’t

A few weeks ago, MOP reader Neurotic pinged the MOP Podcast with a question about characters we want to love but just don't. He...
Yay, you're less shiny!

Blade and Soul prepares to celebrate its seventh anniversary on January 11

It's been a seven-year ride for Blade and Soul since it launched in the West, a ride filled with skimpy costumes, extremely shiny skin,...

Perfect World’s Jade Dynasty World shares a new video as it prepares for an August 19 pre-alpha tech test

Last month we caught wind of Jade Dynasty World, an updated and open-world version of the classic Jade Dynasty that was sunsetted in 2018....

Perfect World revives the previously shuttered Jade Dynasty with development of Jade Dynasty World

Back in 2018, Perfect World sunsetted the MMORPG Jade Dynasty, noting in the announcement that the devs behind the game were moving on to...

Tencent’s teased UE5 MMORPG is codenamed To Jin Yong, a Wuxia open world headed for global release

Last week, Tencent was gearing up to unveil a new MMORPG, teasing that it would simply be an open-world title and built on Unreal...

Fight or Kite: Absolver is the greatest martial arts melee brawler you never played

I’ve been wanting to write about Absolver for the better part of my time here at MOP. In fact, it’s been rolling around the...

Massively Overthinking: Bots in MMOs – but not the bad bots

A while back on the MMORPG subreddit, there was a provocative thread about bots - no, not those bots. Essentially, the Redditor asked whether...