Tarisland’s Shadow Swordsman is the flexible poisoner who takes no prisoners


Today is a momentous day for fans of Tarisland, as the upcoming fantasy MMO announced its Earthspirit Saga, a three-expansion storyline that kicks off with The Conflict Inside. OK, maybe this upcoming game isn’t coasting that closely on World of Warcraft’s current, but it’s pretty close. If there are any points of deviation between the two titles, they may reside in the class makeup.

Take, for example, this week’s reveal of the Shadow Swordsman. This is a dual-wielding assassin with an energy mechanic who deals poison damage to its foes or specs as a combat-oriented fighter and…

…yeah, this is totally World of Warcraft’s Rogue. But will that stop you from rolling one anyway?

“Becoming a Shadow Swordsman means sacrificing the chance of having any form of relationship,” Level Infinite said. “But when the shadow of doomsday began to envelop the land, they chose to emerge from the shadows to fight the approaching darkness together. Like relentless shadows, they are always looking for new opportunities, but whenever the mission is over, they will quietly recede like the tide in Tidewater, leaving no trace.”

Source: Tarisland
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