ARK Survival Ascended begins the Turkey Trial event and readies a Survival of the Fittest PC public test


Who says you can’t enjoy a little Thanksgiving event in the Christmas season? Besides, roasted turkey is a perfectly cromulent holiday dish. However, the turkeys may be the ones to roast you in ARK: Survival Ascended, as the Turkey Trial event went live over the weekend and will run until December 18th.

Players can enjoy a feast of ramped-up earnings for things like XP and breeding rates, multiple new and returning cosmetics, a new super turkey event chibi, and more emotes and colors. It’s an arguably late event arrival, but then being late is also arguably Studio Wildcard’s whole bag. Either way, there are some specific instructions for engaging this event if players are on single-player or unofficial servers that they will want to make note of.

Another major thing players may want to note is the upcoming start of public testing for Survival of the Fittest’s return as well as the survivalbox’s Cryopod update. This PTR will be open for PC players specifically, with a beta branch name and server information to be shared via Discord. After that, it’s a matter of following some specific instructions to add the beta branch to Steam.

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